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 You Found the Gown of Your Dreams

. . . . . . Now What

A new gown, a sample gown, a pre-warn gown. Steamers Fine Cleaners can help you with all your wedding dress needs.

Most gowns need alterations of some type. We have assisted many brides with bustle ties, hemming, and other more complex alterations to make the wedding dress they purchased into the wedding gown of their dreams.

If you purchased a sample gown, or a wedding dress that may have been tried on by others, you will want to have it cleaned and pressed before your wedding day.  Often gowns need to be cleaned and brightened.  Also, body oils and perfumes from others need to be cleaned from the gown, or sometime during your wedding day you might notice someone else’s odors.

A previously worn dress always needs to be cleaned before your special day.  We will completely clean your gown and make sure all beading and trims are in proper condition for you.

All of us at Steamers want to give complete care for the most important dress you will ever wear.